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Who are we?

We generate ideas and solutions to help our clients effectively use the internet for marketing, promotion, and sales activities. We have experience in more than 12 different industries, with over 36 web design, social media management, and custom software projects under our belt.

At Cemer Tech, since 2020, we have been providing industry-specific software, web design, e-commerce site development, SEO consulting, social media management, and corporate digital marketing services to our clients from our office in Izmir. We provide regular service to our clients and are closely involved with their needs.

Nearly 65% of our clients have come to us through referrals from another satisfied client. As such, the trust we have established with our clients is very important to us.


Software Development


With programming languages such as Python, PHP, HTML, SQL, Java, C, C++, jQuery, Javascript, Node-JS, MongoDB, .NET, or CSS, we can bring your dream software project to life. You imagine it, we make it happen.

Web Design


We produce modern, functional, mobile-friendly, original, user-friendly, cost-effective, innovative, professional, strategic, high-return, and success-oriented websites.

SEO Optimization


We place great importance on SEO because we want your business to be the first to be found by those researching your industry.

Social Media Management


Leave the management of your Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter ads to experts. Let us bring you to your target audience.

Mobile Application Development


The need for mobile application development continues to grow rapidly today. Mobile applications, which are rapidly increasing in usage every day, are making our lives easier in every moment of our lives. In mobile application projects, new initiatives, ideas, and needs continue to emerge constantly.

360° Brand Consultancy


Get to know our Brand Consultancy solutions that cover all topics from A to Z by presenting the right strategies. We are here to take your brand to the top.

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